Egbe & Peter's Wedding at Farnham Castle

Egbe & Peter are one of the loveliest couples I have had the pleasure of working with. Right from the beginning I loved seeing the connection they have. That made it all the more enjoyable for me as their wedding photographer. We first met at Frensham ponds for a get to know you shoot and within minutes I remember feeling so excited about the wedding day. When It came around I was welcomed with open arms by both families, Peter's traveling all the way from the Isle of man and Egbe's family members from London originally coming from a Nigeria. If you'd told me a couple of years before that I would be photographing a beautiful and unique wedding like this I perhaps would of been surprised. From photographing Egbe getting ready in the morning right the way through to leaving the dancefloor at the end of the night It was a real pleasure. I loved seeing family members from two different cultures mingle and get on so well. It was a great atmosphere which helped me blend in and document the events of the day. Thank you Egbe and Peter for asking me to photograph your special it was a pleasure.

John clearly has a passion for what he does and that clearly comes across in his photography.

From the very start, he was so approachable and open to any ideas we had as a couple. John has a real talent in capturing beautiful moments and emotions. Every time I look at our photos, it brings back the day and the highs and the love that we felt on that day.

His photography style was exactly what we were looking for. We needed someone who could blend into the background on the day. John did this and it has meant that the photos we have are natural, artistic and beautiful.

If I could give John 16 million stars on Google I would. He is one of the most professional and talented people I have had the joy of encountering.

Would I recommend John? That is an understatement - of course I would!

Egbe & Peter

Sophie & Ian's Wedding Photography in East Sussex

I was ever so pleased when Sophie and Ian first got in touch. Most of the weddings I photograph take place in Surrey and London so to be invited down to East Sussex was exciting. I soon had the chance to get to know them at the family home. I will always fondly remember us gathered around the barbecue on a summers afternoon looking at Sophie's Mum and Dad's wedding album, It was wonderful to see what it meant to Sophie's Mum. There were some lovely moments taken of her and her father. As we talked I could see how important photography was to the family. When the day finally came clearly a tremendous amount of effort had been put in by Sophie's parents. Everything from the marque going up to the beautifully decorated church and evening celebrations.

"Hi John, We've just watched our still film. Thank you its lovely!" 

Sophie & Ian

Donna & Nick's Wedding at Wotton House in Dorking

When I arrived at wotton house I started by capturing Donna and friends getting ready, I don't think I have ever seen anyone so relaxed on the morning of their wedding day. Seeing donna so calm was quite something. Shortly after I found my self going out to the front of the venue to take photos of Nick arriving in his friend Dave’s ferrari. It was great seeing the reactions of Nick’s friends to the car turning up. It was almost the highlight of the entire day for them except of course it was second to seeing Donna and Nick’s first kiss at the ceremony. One of the highlights for me was seeing Donna’s Dad smiling away as he walked her down the aisle, something I'm sure will stay with me when I look back at the weddings I have photographed in the years to come. Another thing that we were all so thankful for on the day was the weather. It was perfect, which made capturing Donna and Nick together in the late afternoon sunlight very enjoyable. I have always loved shooting into the light, It’s something I feel brings a magical feel to photos. As it was a March wedding the sun didn’t stay around for long and in no time at all we were inside for the wedding breakfast and then the speeches. the night ended for me on a busy dance floor. I wonderful day for two lovely people .

I searched long and hard to find my perfect wedding photographer and we found this in John Lennie.

We were looking for a wedding photographer with a certain style of photography, and together decided that we wanted a documentary style photographer that could just blend into the background of our big day and capture the true feeling and emotion, and not just focus on staged posing or big family shots.

We found Johns website incredibly easy to navigate and his portfolio exactly what we were looking for in a photographer. We contacted John immediately and he set up a meeting.

John was our wedding photographer in March 2016, since our first meeting together to view his portfolio, we knew he was the man for us. He took a genuine interest in us as a couple, and we sat over a coffee and chatted all about us and our wedding plans. He preceded to show us examples of his work and his portfolio and we were sold. Seeing his work, his attention to his craft and his passion and excitement about wanting to photograph me made me very emotional and the examples he showed us of previous weddings he had photographed and albums he had produced made me feel he was the perfect choice.

On our wedding day John was brilliant, he was very curtious of everyone involved and completely blended into the background, we total forgot he was there, he shot the day as it happened meaning that the images we now have are a true reflection of our memory of the day. There was no dragging us away for posed photos, meaning we spent more precious time with each other and our friends and family.

Donna & Nick

Francesca & Keith's Wedding at Botleys Mansion in Chertsey

It was nice weather for an october morning, I arrived at Botleys to photograph Francesca. She was relaxed and giggling a lot with her friends which made taking the photos that much more fun. Shortly after Keith arrived, I found him with the groomsman at the opposite end of the mansion. It was great to be able to go between the two rooms capturing moments. What became clear to me about Keith while I was photographing him is he is all about friends and family, always putting others first, making sure people are happy and looked after. He really is a gentleman. I loved photographing Francesca in the moments after she put her wedding dress on. Seeing her dads reaction was wonderful.

I then went off to photograph Keith at the church as he waited for Francesca. It was a wonderful service, a packed church with friends and family. The vicker was lovely and had some great jokes up her sleave . Back at Botleys the evening celebrations began. I particularly enjoyed documenting the speeches. I recorded them, and eventually created a Still Film which I always feel really helps to get one back to the essence of the day. I will not forget being invited around to Francesca and Keith’s house to view it with them on there sofa. There were tears and I remember feeling like what I do is so much more then a job! Anyway back to the final part of the day, The first dance, I saw something unfold in the middle of it that I loved. It was a lovely moment where Francesca's Grandma is stood watching the dance while holding both her daughters hands, the look on her face says it all. As I look back on their day almost a year later I am reminded of how much I like Keith and Francesca. I do hope they will stay in touch.

John was our wedding photographer in October 2015 and shot our wedding beautifully. John was friendly, thoughtful and professional throughout the entire process.
He is a really personable guy who was passionate about ensuring we had the best day and capturing those special moments.
Both myself and my wife are not the most photogenic people and John really understood our needs and absolutely delivered the best experience for us.
The photo's he took were stunning, beautiful and captured the essence of the day perfectly. We are delighted with the outcome!
Our guests were also blown away by how friendly and genuine John was on the day and all commented on how unobtrusive his style was and how much of a pleasant guy he is.
The contact before and after our wedding was first class and the show reel he produced for us was unbelievable beautiful and reduced everyone to tears that we have shown it to. Our album was also constructed beautifully and a very high quality finish.
I would highly recommend John to anyone and will absolutely use him again for our special occasions.
John is one those rare people who you actually connect with and really understands how to capture your special day, top guy!

Keith & Francesca

Sara & Anil, Hampton Court Palace Golf Club, Surrey

Sara and Anil got married at the Grand Canyon. And were keen to have there reception a little while after at Hampton palace court golf club. It was important to them to have family and friends all together in one place to celebrate there marriage. It was a wonderful day a pure photographic delight in many ways. Only a couple of days before we were looking at the weather and it wasn't looking good. But as you will see on the day the light was amazing! It was a joy to photograph Sara and Anil together near the Hampton court palace grounds before the evening entertainment began. When it came to the speeches it was great to see Sara and Anil both do a speech eventually ending with showing everyone a video of them saying there vows with the beautiful backdrop of the Grand Canyon behind them. There was plenty more fun to be had in the evening with the face painting going down very well. Before I left I captured the fun on the dance floor. A great day.

“Hi John, Thank you for providing us with such beautiful photos. We absolutely love them! You’ve captured some great moments. Its been an absolute pleasure working with you.”

Sara & Anil

Ros & Pete's Wedding at Royal Holloway University in Surrey

I first met Ros & Pete on skype as they were living in shanghai china at the time of looking for there wedding photographer. It was clear from the outset that planing a wedding in England while a long way away isn’t the easiest of things to organise. As I look back at the day I remember it did go smoothly. I arrived at Ros’s Mum and Dads house to see everyone in cheery spirits. I very much enjoyed capturing the moments there, particularly Ros and her dad after she put her wedding dress on. It was then time to head off to Royal Holloway to be with Pete and family. I have to say the chapel at Role Holloway University is stunningly beautiful like nothing I have seen before. On first walking in, it certainly takes your breath away. The service was nicely conducted by Pete’s Dad who was ever so humours at one point, he had a lot of people smiling. After confetti outside, me Ros and Pete jumped into the wedding car and took a slight detour on the way to the reception to go and take some photos of them together. I often love this part of the day away from the photojournalistic approach. It’s still done very naturally so i don't ask people to pose. Often I might say take a walk together and I will capture the moments. I just love to see people forgetting about me being there with the camera. So on to the reception, where Ros and Pete's friends and family mingled before the speeches and eventually the first dance. A wonderful day.

“Hi John, Thank you ever so much for the photos! They are beautiful and perfectly capture how both Pete and i remember the day. It was wonderful to watch the slideshow before going through each of the images too- Thank you for putting it together. We won’t hesitate to recommend you to our friends getting married in the future. Thank you again for all your hard work”

If you would like to know more about my wedding photography or any other aspect of my services then please just get in touch.

Natasha & Kevin's Wedding Photography at Hampton Court Palace Golf Club

I started off photographing the day at Natasha's parents house. Natasha’s Mum and Dad made everyone feel welcome, including my driver, bringing him a cup of tea while he waited outside. I soon found myself at the church taking pictures of Kevin before Natasha’s arrival. He was in a surprisingly relaxed mood. Shortly after I ran outside, it was great to see the wonderful old wedding car appear in the distance. And to see Natasha’s gaze through the window made for a lovely photo before being helped out by her father. Then came the walk into the church and down the isle where a very happy Kevin waited. It was a nice service with a extremely witty vicar. There was also a choir which added to the atmosphere. Outside the church I jumped into in the wedding car with Natasha and Kevin and left for Hampton Court Palace Golf Club, where the afternoon/evening celebrations began. After the first dance there was an extremely funny rendition of Macarena by Natasha and Kevin's close family. A wonderful day.

“John has a pure talent for capturing moments which is what we wanted for our wedding day. John’s ability in capturing moments is incredible, his professionalism and attention to detail was second to none and his passion for photography is infectious. John you truly captured the essence of our day by providing us with beautiful memories captured by your truly wonderful photos. The album is also incredibly perfect and we will treasure the memories and photographs for ever. We would highly recommend John to others and would love to use John again in the future.”

Natasha & Kevin

If you would like to know more about my wedding photography or any other aspect of my services then please just get in touch.

Sarah & Martin's Wedding at the Church of the assumption of the Blessed virgin

As a wedding photographer I feel it’s important to get to know people before I photograph their special day. From talking at our initial meeting to visiting the venues together I enjoy these meetings very much. I was ever so pleased when Martin and Sarah first visited me. And I felt honoured that they chose me to photograph their wedding. On our visit to the church I could see how much preparation had gone in to the day, the way Sarah and Martin stood looking around the church excited me.

So along came the day…. I started off at Sarah’s house where her and her daughter and a friend got ready together, there was lots of fun and laughter. I then headed off in the car to the pub where Martin was enjoying a drink with the company of his friends and family, a nicely relaxed atmosphere before heading off to the church. Sarah and Martin had decided to hire the Hart male voice choir for the service which was quite something to see and hear. All of this reminded me of how much I love documenting weddings and how unique each of them I photograph is. It really is a joy to be doing this job.

Particularly being around people on the day, observing and looking out for the fleeting moments. After the service we walked down to the reception which was at Sarah and Martin’s friends’ house. It had a lovely big garden and marquee set up. Guests mingled before the speeches. All throughout this time I found plenty to photograph. One thing that I thought was particularly impressive was the flower arrangements that were created by Sarah’s mum. They were beautiful. I have been thinking since then I should be recommending her to the new couples I meet. I have not seen anything quite like it in all the weddings I have photographed. As the day came to a close Sarah and Martin left in a lovely old jag allowing me to get a special group photo. I say this because it was completely done naturally with no intervention from me.

Just how I like it and more importantly just how the guests like it. No waiting around for the photographer. They were all in the moment enjoying seeing Sarah and Martin drive off. But only after quite a bit of help from Sarah’s dad and Martin’s sons in getting the car started. Thanks to their slow departure the photographer didn't get run over. I will always have this wedding in memory. A truly special day.

“Sarah was showing them to a close friend, who said ” your photographer has such a good eye for a scene, for a moment, and has captured the emotion of the day. And look how people are smiling and laughing and crying. Just beautiful!” I think that sums it up. On the day you were inconspicuous yet everywhere, capturing all those moments that were hidden from us. So many of our guests complimented us on our choice of photographer because you were polite and courteous and thoughtful. What impressed us about you John, is that this wasn’t just another job to you. The result, the photographs, capturing our day was everything, and that shows in the finished result. Thank you, thank you.”

Sarah & Martin

Sarah & Adrian's Wedding at Northcote House & Sunningdale Park Wedding in Berkshire

When I first met Sarah and Adrian I loved how much fun they were. As we walked around Northcote House, they were all smiles, and I could certainly see why. Northcote House is a beautiful venue with some of the nicest staff that I have had the pleasure of meeting on my journey as a photographer.On the day, I started off by photographing Sarah with her bridesmaids. Then I made my way downstairs to be with Adrian and his friends. Adrian was at ease as he mingled with his friends before going to the ceremony room.

A short time after Sarah walked down the aisle with her Father. I have seen this many times of course at different weddings but I simply never get tired of seeing it, each Father and Bride aisle walk is ever so special. The ceremony was full of fun and laughter, perfect for me to capture some special moments. We then headed out to celebrate shortly before the speeches. As the night progressed I was pleasantly surprised to see how good the band were. They are a great bunch of guys…….Kieran and Dominic. They call themselves Rock my Reception.

I found myself reminiscing about my time in the music industry as we talked. The lads and I could not agree more about how much we enjoyed being involved with weddings and how it felt much more than a job to us. We were so pleased that Sarah and Adrian asked us to be with them on their special day.

“Hi John, We received the photos today, we are totally delighted! I cried at the slide show as it brought back so many good memories. Thank you for everything”

Sarah & Adrian

Emily & Ben's Wedding at Parkside School in Surrey

There was a lovely atmosphere and lots going on when I arrived at Emily's parents house. Clearly a lot of work had been put in. I photographed the bridesmaids helping Emily get ready. Shortly afterwards I joined Ben and best man kai both extremely at ease and in good spirits before Emily's arrival at the church. The days events felt like they went by in a flash with plenty of interesting people to photograph. I enjoyed capturing Ben and Emily in the beautiful evening light before the speeches and entertainment. A great day for two very decent people who I'm thankful to have met on my journey as a photographer.

“Dear john, The photos you took really have captured the happiness and excitement that we felt on the day. In the beginning your professionalism and experience always made us feel confident that you would provide us with great photos. We are looking forward to sharing them with family and friends as well as having them to remind us of our day for the rest of our lives. The still film is absolutely wonderful. Opening it with my Dad/ John’s speech is such a nice touch. We are so pleased that we will be able to look at the still film again and listen to our young voices in the years to come. You managed to capture the wonderful moments that seem to come when we aren’t aware of the camera being there.” 

Emily & Ben

Ruth & Peter's Wedding at Smallfield Place in Surrey

As soon as I arrive at a wedding I happily blend in and get on with the job. It's not often that I am taken care of and treated as though I am one of the wedding party. At Ruth and Petes wedding I was given food and drink by Ruth's mum throughout the day which was ever so nice of her. We started off with the morning preparations in the gorgeous bridal sweet at smallfield place. The size and the beauty were were quite something. I enjoyed capturing the interactions between Ruth and her friends- before heading down to the ceremony, where a very relaxed looking Pete plus best man were waiting. The ceremony was full of laughter and some lovely moments to capture. The remainder of the day, all except the first dance, was outside in the beautiful sun light. Some lighthearted and lovingly-put-together words in the speeches made for some nice moments for me to capture. After the traditional first dance Ruth's dad came onto to floor to partner his daughter I really liked seeing this. It was a pleasure to be asked to photograph this very special day.

“Just wanted to drop you a line to say how absolutely thrilled we are with the wedding photos you took for us. We really don’t feel that anybody could have done a better job or captured the magical feel of the day so perfectly. We’re not at all formal people and on the day we felt like we were wrapped up in a blanket of warmth, love and fun… which comes through in the photos!

Every person who has seen them has said the same and we can’t stop ourselves from keep looking through. You were so inconspicuous but somehow seem to have been everywhere!

The richness, quality and depth reminds us of how it actually felt to be there. You got the balance just right between colour and black and white, and even the few formal photos we had have a vintage feel.

There are some beautiful photos of my Mum who normally won’t sit still for a camera. I love the close up of her as I came into the ceremony room and the one as she came into the bridal suite. The three girls playing in the bridal suite are gorgeous. I also love the ones of me and my Dad after the wedding interview. And me and Danni at the end. And the teddy bears’ picnic! And of course, the ones of us walking together with the light shining from behind.

But, the piece de resistance is certainly the Still Film. We can’t believe we could have been without it. The sound quality is so good and you have timed the audio with the pics so carefully. It makes us joyful and tearful all in one go! Thank you for not letting us go without it.

Anyway, you’re a star, stay in touch and good job!”

Ruth & Peter

Kimberly & Mark's Wedding at St. Mary's Church in Surrey

Kim and Mark live in Brooklyn New York so it was quite something for then and many of there friends to travel to Reigate to celebrate there marriage. Everyone was exceptionally friendly, a reflection of the warmth of Kim and Mark. I loved capturing Kim and Mark emerging from the lychgate into a cloud of confetti. Then it was off to Reigate golf club for the reception. The weather was beautiful, enhancing the view across the surrey hills. I must mention how delicious the food was. Thanks to the club chef. Soon came the speeches and dancing. A wonderful end to Kim and marks special day.

“Hi John, We have just seen the gallery – Absolutely amazing! The one with Ali’s face is priceless and there are so many lovely shots. I also love the ones with me and my dad and with me and Mark’s dad as well. You captured our day perfectly and naturally which is exactly what we’d hoped for! The day goes by in such a whirlwind so it’s really lovely to sit down and relive the whole process! Thanks for making an effort to get to know us that came through in the photos. It was also fun getting to know you! I hope our paths cross again. Thanks again.”

Kimberly & Mark

Marina & James's Wedding at De Vere Gorse Hill in Surrey

I love small weddings and this one I thoroughly enjoyed. I started off by photographing Marina at the De Vere gorse hill woking. And then onto the Bisley Church of St. Andrews. A small church with character. marina and James walked out as husband and wife into the beautiful light in the church grounds. A photographic delight. We then had the reception at rose cottage where Jame's mum had prepared lovely food. I will never forget hearing the beautiful words of James late father read by James brother during the speeches. It was particularly moving. A wonderful day.

“John was an absolute pleasure to work with, meeting with us before the wedding to discuss what we wanted and answer any questions we had. On the big day he worked hard to get the best shots whilst remaining inconspicuous, and the photographs speak for themselves! One of the reasons we chose to work with John was his ability to capture the quieter, more intimate moments of a wedding, and we were not disappointed. Afterwards he kept us up to date with his work on the photographs, and later presented them to us in a wonderful gift box. It was lovely to have John be part of our big day, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others.”

Marina & James

Hayley & Mark's Wedding at The Farnham Bush Hotel in Surrey

I turned up to a busy household. I soon discovered Hayley had a very friendly family. There were countless warm moments to capture. This made it all the more easy to blend in and start photographing the perpetrations. It was lovely to see Hayley's mothers reaction to the sight of her in her wedding dress. I then left for the bush hotel farnham. The ceremony produced some wonderful moments. Capturing Hayley's mums outwardly loving nature was a joy. Some of the people at weddings are great to photograph they pop up frequently during the day they are comfortable in there own skin and just live in the moment Hayley's mum is one of those. Whenever she caught my eye she was either hugging someone or holding someone's hand. She was wonderful to photograph. The speeches produced some great moments. I left a busy dance floor packed with family and friends. A wonderful end to a great wedding day.

"We had spent some time looking for a photographer for our wedding and had looked at a few portfolios. Not only did John's stand out, but his manner was by far the best. We were also impressed by the still film.
He made a point of listening to our requests and provided advice on how to capture our special day for posterity. The result captured both the events and the emotion of the wedding.

Hayley & Mark

Joanna & Chris's Wedding at Lytha Hill in Haslemere

It's a privilege to be asked to photograph a friends wedding. So when having coffee one day Chris asked me. I was delighted. The day started off with me at Chris's house surrounded by his friends and family. I won't forget the sneak preview of the best men's speeches. We then went on to Life hill and waited for Joanna.

The weather was beautiful, perfect for the outdoor ceremony. Seeing Chris and Joanna exchanging vows was not only emotional for them and family but for me too. I loved capturing the moments between two people that I have known for some time and am very fond of. We then went to the reception. A lovely setting in Joanna's friends' back garden with a very cute tipee. After a delicious meal it was time for the speeches. They were really quite funny reminding me of all the traits Chris has and what has made him such a fun a loyal friend over the years.

Hi John, Thanks so much for capturing our special day. We Love the Photos and the Still Film!

Chris & Jo

Lorena & Matthew's Wedding at Clandon Park in Guildford

Upon our first meeting I felt excited about being a part of Matthew and lorena's day. If it wasn't for Mathew making a clever move in the first place to show Lorrena his intentions we wouldn't all have been sitting there that day. As Matthew said in his speech, what better way to show your intentions then sending an email telling her her perfume smells lovely.

Gaby & Lewis's Wedding at Botleys Mansion in Surrey

On entering the bridal prep room I was completely blown away by Gaby’s wedding dress. Throughout the year I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some unique and charming dresses, from the very simple and classic, to somewhat more extravagant and colourful (almost anything goes these days). This was a lovely dress.

We travelled by limousine to one of the biggest Catholic churches I've been to, Worth Abbey, Crawley. It was a lovely complement to the luxurious Botleys Mansion, which would soon follow.

A stand-out moment for me was Gaby’s grandmother's reaction to her granddaughter’s dress. She had flown all the way from Brazil for her wedding and it soon became clear that she was one of the stars of the day, outlasting everyone else on the dance floor. It was a real privilege to photograph the wedding of Gaby and Lewis, a lovely couple.

“We wanted to say that we are absolutely delighted with the photographs, they are amazing, we loved the style of your photography. All of your work on the day picked up on the joy of the occasion, and you managed to take pictures without intruding or forcing the awkward photos you normally have at weddings. You have captured everyone looking so natural and amazing. You captured far more than we could have imagined possible, all those bits that we missed on the day but got to find out about at our first look through the shots – it was great to relive all the special moments that we can now share, keep and treasure!”

Gaby & Lewis

Ruth & Martin's Wedding at Hampton Court House in East Molesey

The first thing I think about when looking back at martin and Ruth's Wedding is Martins arrival on his bike. It certainly put a smile on my face. The wedding was a particularly moving one with teas of emotion from Ruth when entering the grand house which I remember feeling moved by. The way martin held Ruth in his arms was beautiful. The speeches evoked laughter. Then followed an eventful evening of fun and games they even had a caricaturist. Hampton court house is an lovely venue with so much to offer it is surrounded by beautiful gardens and rabbits playing in the sun. A wonderful day.

Victoria & Richard's Wedding at Norbury Church in Derbyshire

I have known Victoria for some time and was delighted that she chose me to be their wedding photographer.

On arrival at the cottage the atmosphere was great.  It was clear that a lot of work had gone into the wedding, down to the finest details. Giant tepees... a ducking stool... flowers everywhere.

I went up to photograph Victoria having her hair done and then putting her dress on with the help of her bridesmaids.

Next it was time to head to the church to await Victoria's arrival- and meanwhile photographing Richard and his best man.

It really was a stunning day. The pink of the bridesmaids' dresses mixed with the green leaves of the trees as they walked down the church path. It was breathtaking.

The ceremony commenced. A lovely lady vicar. She even brought out a bubble-blowing machine during the service.

It was then back to the house for lemonade and Pimms.

After the congratulations we headed for the tepees for the speeches and evening entertainment.

Here are a few of my favourites.

“Hi John, Thank you so much for our wedding photos. On the day we hardly noticed you were there, yet somehow all the elements were captured beautifully! I used 12 tissues in 12 minutes when watching are still film! Richard kept saying ‘it’s just brilliant over and over again! “

Victoria & Richard

Gabby & Paul's Wedding at Wotton House in Dorking

After our first meeting at The Boatman pub in Guildford I felt completely at ease with Gabby and Paul. And when Gabby asked me to be their photographer I was really pleased.

On their big day I met Gabby and her bridesmaids at a hairdressers in nearby Dorking before heading off to the beautiful Wotton House. We arrived safely and began to prepare for what was to be a wonderful day (one of those English days where everyone was unsure about what the weather was going to do!).

The ceremony took place in the chapel-styled Old Library. Vaulted ceiling and graceful pillars.

Afterwards we walked out into the grounds as the sun came out bang on time to enhance the day. Drinks were served, hugs exchanged and people mingled. Nice moments for the camera.

For me the beautiful surroundings at Wotton House are a stand-out feature which really makes one fall in love with the place.

As evening came the speeches gave me the opportunity to capture some entertaining expressions. It was obvious that the guests loved the speeches, the best man's being a real winner.

I will never forget my first visit to Wotton House and look forward to returning there next year.

“Thank you so much for our amazing wedding photos! Your presence on the day was so unobtrusive, and yet the images are going to look wonderful forever. Also, the album is beautiful – took it to show my Granny yesterday and it made her laugh and cry.”

Gabby & Paul