Rebecca & Dan's Garden Marquee Wedding in Surrey

When looking back at Rebecca and Dan’s wedding I am reminded of how similar it would be to to what I envision perhaps happening on my wedding day. I loved that everything took place in close proximity, Rebecca’s aunties house being just a short trip away from the church. I started off by photographing Rebecca and her sisters and friends at the house before heading to the church. Everything was set up beautifully in a lovely big back garden with a marque. There was so much attention to detail, I was really taken back by seeing Rebecca’s vision come into fruition. In no time at all I was at the church where we awaited Rebecca’s arrival with her dad by her side. It was a lovely laid back service. Just after leaving a highlight of the day for me was being their to capture Dan and his Father having a hug. For me this is what I live for as a photographer, and it’s what I feel wedding photography is all about. To see the bond they had as father and son was so special, to this day I still feel something when I look at the pictures. We then made our way back to the marquee where the afternoon evening celebrations began. I loved the speeches and remember vividly how emotional Rebecca’s father was as he talked about her being a miracle as a baby. There was also an extremely funny best mans speech. I remember feeling like I might need to put my cameras down as one of Dan’s best men had some really funny things to say about him. The speech was so well put together and executed, so funny! To top it all off the night ended with Dan’s father singing and playing guitar for the first dance, shortly after I left to a packed dance floor. A wonderful day. Here are a small few of my favourites.

"We love the photos. We have had so many nice comments from people about you"

- Rebecca & Dan

Angie & Keith's Wedding At Windsor Guildhall

After first meeting Angie and Keith I was really looking forward their wedding day. The ceremony took place at the Windsor Guildhall where Prince Charles and Camila got married only a few years before, It was beautiful inside. As soon as you walk into the main hall it’s very grand, very fitting as Keith's family came all the way over from Ireland. I really admire how Angie and Keith managed to organise the wedding and think of everyone involved. Angie’s father was very unwell at the time and so it was a particularly emotional day. I loved seeing him proudly walk Angie down the aisle. We then had the afternoon celebrations at the Castle Hotel Windsor. After the wedding breakfast and emotional speeches I soon discovered that nobody parties like the Irish. I always love staying later at weddings to capture the party atmosphere. The Irish folks gave me so much as a photographer it was funny and beautiful! Here are a few of my favourite images. 

"It was so important to me to have someone great capturing a very special moment of my very ill father walking me down the aisle. John managed to capture every natural emotion at that moment through to the very end of the evening. Super talented."

"The photos are absolutely amazing and really exceeded my expectations! You did a fabulous job at capturing some great moments and we just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for that!"

- Angie & Keith

Debra & Joe's Wedding At The Art Pavilion Mile End

When I first met Debra and Joe at the art pavilion mile end I was immediately touched by how warm and friendly they were as people. And I felt very much the same about their close family and friends on the wedding day itself. A reflection of them as a couple. It was far from your typical wedding day, in fact I cant think of one remotely like it in 2016. I photograph quite a number of church and registry office weddings, this all took place in an art gallery. There was an energy all day that had me looking everywhere for things to capture, particularly as we moved into the evening celebrations. As you'll see in one particular picture the dance floor couldn't of been more lively at the end of the evening. A wonderful end to a very special wedding day. One I certainly wont forget. Here are a few of my favourites. 

"We're very pleased that we found you - honestly we couldn't have asked for more beautiful pictures, or a lovelier man to take them! you captured so many lovely moments. It's brought tears to both of our eyes to see them!"  

- Debra & Joe