Sarah & Martin's Wedding at the Church of the assumption of the Blessed virgin

As a wedding photographer I feel it’s important to get to know people before I photograph their special day. From talking at our initial meeting to visiting the venues together I enjoy these meetings very much. I was ever so pleased when Martin and Sarah first visited me. And I felt honoured that they chose me to photograph their wedding. On our visit to the church I could see how much preparation had gone in to the day, the way Sarah and Martin stood looking around the church excited me.

So along came the day…. I started off at Sarah’s house where her and her daughter and a friend got ready together, there was lots of fun and laughter. I then headed off in the car to the pub where Martin was enjoying a drink with the company of his friends and family, a nicely relaxed atmosphere before heading off to the church. Sarah and Martin had decided to hire the Hart male voice choir for the service which was quite something to see and hear. All of this reminded me of how much I love documenting weddings and how unique each of them I photograph is. It really is a joy to be doing this job.

Particularly being around people on the day, observing and looking out for the fleeting moments. After the service we walked down to the reception which was at Sarah and Martin’s friends’ house. It had a lovely big garden and marquee set up. Guests mingled before the speeches. All throughout this time I found plenty to photograph. One thing that I thought was particularly impressive was the flower arrangements that were created by Sarah’s mum. They were beautiful. I have been thinking since then I should be recommending her to the new couples I meet. I have not seen anything quite like it in all the weddings I have photographed. As the day came to a close Sarah and Martin left in a lovely old jag allowing me to get a special group photo. I say this because it was completely done naturally with no intervention from me.

Just how I like it and more importantly just how the guests like it. No waiting around for the photographer. They were all in the moment enjoying seeing Sarah and Martin drive off. But only after quite a bit of help from Sarah’s dad and Martin’s sons in getting the car started. Thanks to their slow departure the photographer didn't get run over. I will always have this wedding in memory. A truly special day.

“Sarah was showing them to a close friend, who said ” your photographer has such a good eye for a scene, for a moment, and has captured the emotion of the day. And look how people are smiling and laughing and crying. Just beautiful!” I think that sums it up. On the day you were inconspicuous yet everywhere, capturing all those moments that were hidden from us. So many of our guests complimented us on our choice of photographer because you were polite and courteous and thoughtful. What impressed us about you John, is that this wasn’t just another job to you. The result, the photographs, capturing our day was everything, and that shows in the finished result. Thank you, thank you.”

- Sarah & Martin