Debra & Joe's Wedding At The Art Pavilion Mile End

When I first met Debra and Joe at the art pavilion mile end I was immediately touched by how warm and friendly they were as people. And I felt very much the same about their close family and friends on the wedding day itself. A reflection of them as a couple. It was far from your typical wedding day, in fact I cant think of one remotely like it in 2016. I photograph quite a number of church and registry office weddings, this all took place in an art gallery. There was an energy all day that had me looking everywhere for things to capture, particularly as we moved into the evening celebrations. As you'll see in one particular picture the dance floor couldn't of been more lively at the end of the evening. A wonderful end to a very special wedding day. One I certainly wont forget. Here are a few of my favourites. 

"We're very pleased that we found you - honestly we couldn't have asked for more beautiful pictures, or a lovelier man to take them! you captured so many lovely moments. It's brought tears to both of our eyes to see them!"  

- Debra & Joe