Sara & Anil, Hampton Court Palace Golf Club, Surrey

Sara and Anil got married at the Grand Canyon. And were keen to have there reception a little while after at Hampton palace court golf club. It was important to them to have family and friends all together in one place to celebrate there marriage. It was a wonderful day a pure photographic delight in many ways. Only a couple of days before we were looking at the weather and it wasn't looking good. But as you will see on the day the light was amazing! It was a joy to photograph Sara and Anil together near the Hampton court palace grounds before the evening entertainment began. When it came to the speeches it was great to see Sara and Anil both do a speech eventually ending with showing everyone a video of them saying there vows with the beautiful backdrop of the Grand Canyon behind them. There was plenty more fun to be had in the evening with the face painting going down very well. Before I left I captured the fun on the dance floor. A great day.

“Hi John, Thank you for providing us with such beautiful photos. We absolutely love them! You’ve captured some great moments. Its been an absolute pleasure working with you.”

- Sara & Anil

Ros & Pete's Wedding at Royal Holloway University in Surrey

I first met Ros & Pete on skype as they were living in shanghai china at the time of looking for there wedding photographer. It was clear from the outset that planing a wedding in England while a long way away isn’t the easiest of things to organise. As I look back at the day I remember it did go smoothly. I arrived at Ros’s Mum and Dads house to see everyone in cheery spirits. I very much enjoyed capturing the moments there, particularly Ros and her dad after she put her wedding dress on. It was then time to head off to Royal Holloway to be with Pete and family. I have to say the chapel at Role Holloway University is stunningly beautiful like nothing I have seen before. On first walking in, it certainly takes your breath away. The service was nicely conducted by Pete’s Dad who was ever so humours at one point, he had a lot of people smiling. After confetti outside, me Ros and Pete jumped into the wedding car and took a slight detour on the way to the reception to go and take some photos of them together. I often love this part of the day away from the photojournalistic approach. It’s still done very naturally so i don't ask people to pose. Often I might say take a walk together and I will capture the moments. I just love to see people forgetting about me being there with the camera. So on to the reception, where Ros and Pete's friends and family mingled before the speeches and eventually the first dance. A wonderful day.

“Hi John, Thank you ever so much for the photos! They are beautiful and perfectly capture how both Pete and i remember the day. It was wonderful to watch the slideshow before going through each of the images too- Thank you for putting it together. We won’t hesitate to recommend you to our friends getting married in the future. Thank you again for all your hard work”

- Ros & Pete

Natasha & Kevin's Wedding Photography at Hampton Court Palace Golf Club

I started off photographing the day at Natasha's parents house. Natasha’s Mum and Dad made everyone feel welcome, including my driver, bringing him a cup of tea while he waited outside. I soon found myself at the church taking pictures of Kevin before Natasha’s arrival. He was in a surprisingly relaxed mood. Shortly after I ran outside, it was great to see the wonderful old wedding car appear in the distance. And to see Natasha’s gaze through the window made for a lovely photo before being helped out by her father. Then came the walk into the church and down the isle where a very happy Kevin waited. It was a nice service with a extremely witty vicar. There was also a choir which added to the atmosphere. Outside the church I jumped into in the wedding car with Natasha and Kevin and left for Hampton Court Palace Golf Club, where the afternoon/evening celebrations began. After the first dance there was an extremely funny rendition of Macarena by Natasha and Kevin's close family. A wonderful day.

“John has a pure talent for capturing moments which is what we wanted for our wedding day. John’s ability in capturing moments is incredible, his professionalism and attention to detail was second to none and his passion for photography is infectious. John you truly captured the essence of our day by providing us with beautiful memories captured by your truly wonderful photos. The album is also incredibly perfect and we will treasure the memories and photographs for ever. We would highly recommend John to others and would love to use John again in the future.”

- Natasha & Kevin