Rachel & Adam's Wedding, London

I finally have some time to relax after a busy summer of weddings in 2018. I’ve had a look through all the weddings I have documented this year and this one has reminded me of why I love photography. I started photographing Rachel with friends and family at the Gore hotel in Kensington. As you will see from looking at the pictures, I loved using the natural light in the room. You just can’t beat natural light. When it found its way into the hotel room around midday, it inspired me to work with it. I felt I was not only getting on with the job but enjoying it too. The ceremony took place at Hammersmith and Fulham registry office. Shortly after we took a walk in the park nearby where Rachel and Adam enjoyed some time together, also finding they got quite a bit of attention on the way around. I love seeing strangers being happy for people they don’t know. It made capturing the moments throughly enjoyable. The evening celebrations took place at the Ognisko Restaurant, a lovely place that I highly recommend having dinner at. A wonderful day. Here are a few of my favourites.

“I would highly recommend John for your wedding. He captured our wedding beautifully and the candid shots are a joy to look at. A few days after the wedding, I just couldn't remember if he was there for the speeches, but he was! This is a testament to him being able to blend into the background which allows him to capture some amazing shots. We were blown away by our photographs and he captured some incredible moments which we will treasure forever. Thank you John.”

- Rachel and Adam

Catriona & Craig's Wedding, Temecula, California

Many years ago I was in need of a little sister, and I got one, a very special one. She’s been a rascal ever since, but I wouldn't change her for the world. In recent years she’s been enjoying travelling the world. It was through her sense of adventure that she met Craig. And the rest as they say is history.

For the wedding celebration we hired a big house in Temecula, which was perfect for the occasion. As a wedding photographer you usually don’t get to have a say on the way things are set up so it was pleasing to be able to move things around for the ceremony. The layout was perfect under the trees shielding us from the strength of the midday sun. Much better for pictures! Apart from certain aspects of the ceremony, much of the day was definitely untraditional. There were some heartfelt words throughout with speeches from almost everyone that attended. It really was remarkable how it all came together so well.

When I look back at the day, there are a few moments that really stand out for me and sit way above the lovely surroundings and aesthetics. It’s the moments that have feeling in them, the moments that tell a story. In one of the pictures a special young lady looks out of the window in the morning, deep in thought, taking it all in. A telling moment. Another image that I can’t help but feel moved by is the image of Craig and his father. It was a deeply emotional minute or so as he talked to all of us about how much his Dad meant to him. I still think about his words, they help to remind me of what an influence my Dad has been in my life. I’ve not quite expressed it in words to him, but I know he knows. This day will forever remain in my heart as it will with the small group of family and friends that attended, I’m very pleased that my sister has found a good man. Here are some of my favourites.

Rebecca & Matt's Wedding, Brympton House, Somerset

When the weather turns out to be just right on a winter wedding day you are thankful that’s for sure. Another thing I was really thankful for was having the chance to shoot with my friend Lee. A very talented photographer in his own right, who leaves me feeling consistently inspired when looking at his work throughout the wedding season. I couldn't of shot this wedding in the way that I did without him. When looking back at the photos we took on the day its clear we both share a love of seeing and capturing emotion in our photographs. Of course we see things in our own unique way which has made looking through these images thoroughly enjoyable. Becks and Matt were a pleasure to work with, They had a lovely group of friends, observing them with there guests certainly helped to keep me feeling inspired throughout the day. Brympton House as you will see in these pictures is beautiful. Everywhere you look there's something special to see. Theres so much character and history making it a stand out choice for couples looking to get married in Somerset.   

These are beyond any of our wildest expectations. We are virtually speechless John to say you smashed it out the ballpark is a major underestimation. Thank you for capturing our special day in such a very special way.

John! I know Matt has already conveyed our feelings but I wanted to also say that we are beyond happy. These photos have blown us away. I’ve already recommended you to engaged couples and will continue to do so. They are so beautiful and are exactly what we wanted. I can’t explain how happy you’ve made us feel by capturing moments of joy from all our guests; let alone the beautiful shots of me and Matt. 

- Rebecca & Matt