Still Films

Through my photography I aim to capture the essence and emotion of your wedding day in an unobtrusive way. You may also like to view something that’s that bit extra special. I find each Still Film I create extremely moving and believe they are the most wonderful and unique way to relive your wedding day in years to come.

I recently photographed Louise and Leighton’s special day on the Hawkesbury river in Sydney Australia. Not long ago I did cheekily tell Louise I would be happy to photograph their wedding even if it was taking place in a garden shed as it’s people I loved to photograph, as long as there are people and emotion, that’s all that matters…

Well, ending up in a lovely location was exactly what I needed creatively, I couldn’t help but feel inspired. It was a great location for reportage photography, I also I had the chance later on in the day to capture some beautiful moments of Louise and Leighton together. When the golden Sydney light faded in the evening I felt there was no place like it on earth.
Louise and Leighton have a wonderful group of friends who were very much involved in making their day a very happy and memorable one.

“The piece de resistance is certainly our Still Film. We can’t believe we could have been without it. The sound quality is so good and you have timed the audio with the pics so carefully. It makes us joyful and tearful all in one go! Thank you for not letting us go without it.”    

Ruth and Pete

“I used 12 tissues in 12 minutes when watching are still film! Richard just kept saying it’s brilliant over and over again!”

Victoria & Richard

“Our still film is absolutely wonderful! Opening it with my dads/ johns speech is such a nice touch. We are so pleased that we will be able to look at it again and listen to our young voices in the years to come.”

Emily & Ben